Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Frequently Asked Questions

1. So tell us a little about yourself.
Not that much to tell just yet... I just turned 27 on April 1st (though I’ve felt older than that for several years now!). I live in a quiet townhouse with kick-ass pergo floors. I graduated from college with a Business/ Marketing degree, though I’ve had difficulties in putting those skills to practice ever since.

2. What made you start blogging?
Three things. One, I have run a mailing list for the past few years which sends columns and articles of note to my family and friends. This blog is just a natural progression to expand my audience. Two, Instapundit. I love this site, visit it every half-hour, and use it as my shining example of how a web site can connect people and sift through the Web to extract useful and interesting information. Third, and most important, September 11. I have been so angry and frustrated and helpless since the terrorist attacks. I am not a soldier, I am not in a position of power, but I feel that blogging has tapped into something important among people like myself- I am now able to use my energy and talents to make other people aware of the world’s problems and hypocrisies, with the goal of spreading knowledge and defending Western civilization and freedom.

3. Are you a “linker” or a “thinker”?
Some bloggers have begun delineating between “linkers”- those bloggers who typically link to many other sites/ articles while providing brief commentary, and “thinkers”- bloggers who focus predominantly on longer pieces of writing and analysis. Steven Den Beste (USS Clueless) recently came out as a thinker, while Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) is the clearest example of a linker. I am currently a linker, though that may change if I can find more time to write!

4. What’s your favorite television show?
Right now it’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hands down.

5. Any good music I should check out?
MP3’s. Use Kazaa or Morpheus, whatever you have to, just get it for free and don’t let BMG or any of the other record labels make any money off of you.

6. What are your political leanings?
I’ve come out as strongly conservative on many issues, but I’m also a radical feminist, go figure. I don’t think you can effectively categorize individuals as Democrat/ Republican or liberal/ conservative anymore (although Hannity and Colmes sure do try), we’re all too intelligent and there are too many issues and views to consider.

That said, poststructuralism is total bunk and so are multiculturalism and identity politics. Western civilization IS better than any other culture. Individual freedom and opportunity must be placed above all else.

7. You sound like a catch- are you available this Friday night?
Sorry, no. I’m happily engaged to a wonderful and talented young woman who calls herself Lindsey.